Premier Dance Network is the only podcast network dedicated entirely to dance.  This growing network of shows provides the listener with a “one stop shop” of online resources for all topics related to dance.  It began when PDN founder Kimberly Falker ambitiously set out to discover what it takes to make it in professional ballet, as the mother of a young aspiring dancer.  She started the Balancing Pointe Podcast in 2013 to learn about the journeys of the world’s most successful dancers.

What Kimberly discovered was the strong desire of dancers to communicate their personal experiences and life stories, not just to entertain, but also to teach.  Premier Dance Network programming ranges from real stories of young dancers just starting out, all the way to the fascinating lives of the top professional dancers in the world.  PDN also covers life behind the scenes with choreographers, set and costume designers, and company directors.

We have new shows being added regularly, so come back often to visit our website.  If you have suggestions, or are interested in participating in the Premier Dance Network, please visit our Contact Page.

Premier Dance Network also offers a very good opportunity for advertising and sponsorship given our dedicated programming and niche audience.  If you would like more information, please visit the Sponsorship Page.

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