Becoming Ballet

On this show you will experience life with a REAL dancer in REAL time.  Each featured dancer will take you on their journey as they work hard toward realizing their dream of becoming a professional dancer.

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Introducing November’s Featured Dancer Jackie Gignac!

November’s featured dancer comes to us from British Columbia, Canada. Jackie began dancing when she was three years old by taking beginner ballet class, and has loved it ever since. She trained at a local ballet school for eleven years, but at the age of fourteen decided to pursue acting instead. After suffering an injury and needing something to clear her of the negativity that began to surround the theatre company she was in, she decided to take recreational dance classes at another local studio. However, she quickly began taking more and more classes, and was eventually dancing six days a week at her new studio. She has recently begun attending Simon Fraser University’s School of Contemporary Arts dance program, and is loving it!

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