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Pas de Chát’s host Barry Kerollis is an award-winning choreographer, instructor, and dancer with over 13 years experience in the dance world. His career includes directing Alaska Dance Theatre, dancing for Pacific Northwest Ballet, and traveling the country as a nationally-touring freelance artist. He also runs the popular blog, Life of a Freelance Dancer.

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You Paid Tuition – Do You Deserve a Trophy?

Does every child that attends a dance school, goes to college, or plays in sports deserve recognition just because you are paying an organization to educate them? Listen in to this week’s episode for a conversation on whether it is appropriate for schools and programs to patronize students and let them fall through the cracks in order to maintain their businesses. to afford tickets, and how to perform effortless research on your local dance scene.

Masculinity in Dance

Muscular, strength, well-built, powerful, and vigorous are often words used when defining what it means to be masculine. So, why do cultures across the world think of male dancers as effeminate? Listen in to this week’s episode to hear Barry’s perspective on this topic and why he thinks that male ballet dancers are the epitome of masculinity.

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