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Pas de Chát’s host Barry Kerollis is an award-winning choreographer, instructor, and dancer with over 13 years experience in the dance world. His career includes directing Alaska Dance Theatre, dancing for Pacific Northwest Ballet, and traveling the country as a nationally-touring freelance artist. He also runs the popular blog, Life of a Freelance Dancer.

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How I Handled Sexual Harassment in My Career

It seems that every day in recent history has held some bombshell news about powerful men abusing their positions through sexual harassment and assault. Listen in as Barry shares a story from the beginning of his career, when a person in a position of power in one of his dream companies sexually harassed him for nearly 2 years. In this episode, he explains how he navigated through this challenging situation and offers advice on how others can handle similar situations.

Halloween Edition: Coping with Stage Fright

The anxiety of stage fright isn’t limited to children performing in recitals and young dancers competing in youth competitions. Often, the more accomplished and established a dancer becomes, the more pressure and responsibility they feel to perform perfectly. Listen in to this week’s episode for a conversation about stage fright and how to cope with differing aspects of this nightmarish feeling leading up to performances.

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