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Pas de Chát’s host Barry Kerollis is an award-winning choreographer, instructor, and dancer with over 13 years experience in the dance world. His career includes directing Alaska Dance Theatre, dancing for Pacific Northwest Ballet, and traveling the country as a nationally-touring freelance artist. He also runs the popular blog, Life of a Freelance Dancer.

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

A life in dance is a life of sacrifice. And these sacrifices aren’t common or comfortable.” Taking a page from Barry’s popular blog, “Life of a Freelance Dancer,” your host shares one of his recent writings about dancers learning to accept the fate of their professional careers without bitterness.

Negotiating in Good Faith

Negotiating contract terms and artist fees can be a stressful, tricky game, whether you are an artist or an organization hiring an artist. Listen in to this week’s episode for advice on how to go about contract negotiations while showing that both parties are working together in each others best interests.

Process or Abuse?

When working in a choreographer’s process, many dancers have a mentality of “if you use me for greatness, you can use me however you wish.” This brings up the question of whether there is a clear line between abusive practices and breaking a dancer down to their most vulnerable state for the sake of art.

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