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Gina Pero: Dance-preneur, Elite Performance Coach, Speaker, former Radio City Rockette. The Gina Pero show inspires audiences worldwide to start living life full out with feeling. Her vast knowledge, valuable information, and real-life stories create an experience that will ignite awareness into your heart and soul.


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Recent Episodes

Q & A: Succeeding in the Business of Dance

Don Mirault:

  1. What is most important in deciding whether or not to perform professionally?
  2. How can parents get information for their children that want to perform?

Adam Cates:

  1. What do you see as one of the biggest challenges in auditions?
  2. What is one step that an individual can take to start their awareness of business?

Thomas Ralabate:

  1. What is the main difference between getting a degree in dance or not?
  2. What is a first step for anyone looking to go to school for dance?

Q & A: Inspiration through Cancer

Karen Turnbull:

1. What is a way that people can be affected by cancer but not become the effect of it?

2. What ways can you stay connected to God throughout any obstacle and/or cancer?

Laurie Napoleone:

1. What is important about family and faith?

2. What is one way you moved through the darkness?

Doriana Sanchez: 

1. What is healing?

2. What is a way we can receive “news?”

Inspiration through Cancer

This episode combines the stories and life lessons of three inspiring women whose lives have been touched by cancer. Laurie Napoleone, Doriana Sanchez, and Karen Turnbull show the power of faith and courage in dealing with a life changing diagnosis. Each of their experiences with cancer have led them to rediscovering their strength and the true meaning of life.
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